Business process analysis, Software development

Making KPI analysis reproducible

Client’s Request

The client’s need was to make a specific analysis activity reproducible on a weekly basis, with already consolidated KPIs (both numeric and graphical). Therefore, it was necessary to digitize the steps that were previously done manually by the in-house team, resulting in a waste of time and resources. 

Hermes’ Intervention and Involved Talents

Hermes provided consulting services in TWO mode, applying its management skills to the client’s needs, thanks to a team composed of a senior statistician and a junior statistician. Hermes’ talents supported the client in achieving the objective, guiding and assisting the in-house team in managing the entire project. The data provided by the client were transformed into algorithms, engineering the process of producing KPIs by the in-house team in order to reproduce them automatically. 

Offered Solution

Hermes’ talents developed a series of algorithms and implemented them on Office 365 tools (particularly Excel and PowerPoint), leveraging all functionalities in a customized and advanced way. 


In a short time, the client obtained the availability of the requested KPIs (numeric and graphical) with the following advantages:

  • Complete reduction of internal data processing times: the solution lightened the workload of internal resources, allowing them to focus only on the study of KPIs provided directly by the tool.
  • Reproducibility of the analysis and the choice of an optimal operational pace, even on a weekly basis.
  • Maximization of result quality, guaranteed by the tool that replaced all the previously manual steps performed by internal operators, also reducing the risk of errors. 

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