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Automating Payment Notifications via Microsoft Power Platform

Client’s Request

The client needed an application that could calculate credit amounts related to any delays and penalties on orders from its suppliers and automatically notify the relevant parties. The notifications also had to adhere to specific rules and agreements, which is why it was necessary to first analyze the agreements with individual suppliers. 

Hermes’ Intervention and Involved Talents

After conducting a process analysis and technological assessment, Hermes proposed the FLY mode, identifying the relevant skills to develop the required solution. The company needed comprehensive and flexible digital consultancy that would enter its internal processes for the necessary time but would also be able to take complete control of the project.

The talents involved, a business analyst and an Microsoft Power Platform developer, worked following the Agile methodology. 

Offered Solution

Hermes’ proposal was to create a tool that, by periodically uploading an extract of the orders placed on a SharePoint list, would allow for the automatic calculation of the amount due from suppliers based on specific queries. At this point, the application automatically generates a notification email to the supplier while managing all phases of the process, storing all the data related to completed deliveries.

The offered solution was the programming and implementation of Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps and Power Automate). 


Thanks to Hermes’ intervention, the following results were achieved:

  • Effort saving: 10 days per month saved for notification and calculation processing.
  • 50% improvement in data quality.
  • Creation of daily/weekly notifications (previously created quarterly) with a consequent increase in the company’s cash flow.
  • Speed in implementing the application (6 weeks from the start of work to delivery).
  • Autonomy in the evolutionary maintenance of the application, thanks to the delivery of technical and functional material.
  • Zero defects and no need for post-delivery support.
  • Maximization of data quality entered and calculated automatically.

Short development times for Microsoft Power Platform (30 working days) compared to traditional development times (90 working days).

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