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Michael, Jen, Patricia, Leonard and countless other talents with wings are ready to equip your digital project with the expertise it deserves. Our outsourcing consultancy is available across three tiers: Wings, Two, and Fly. Depending on your specific needs, you can seamlessly toggle between these levels, finding the most useful for you. Why not schedule a meeting? We can assess your unique needs together, without any obligation.

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Digital Transformation is no longer optional

Across all industrial sectors, digitizing infrastructures and production processes has evolved from being a luxury to an absolute necessity for market access. Should your company lack the required expertise, or if your team needs an extra hand for specialized projects — be it short-term, tangential, or outside your core operations — Hermes’ digital services promise instant, potent, and assured solutions.

How can we assist you?

For nearly two decades, Hermes has stood by the side of prominent international companies across diverse sectors. In recent times, Hermes’ digital services have been chiefly sought-after to address these specific challenges:

  • boosting business units efficiency throughout the digitization of both archives and operational processes;
  • enhancing teamwork and intra-colleague collaboration with intuitive, robust and shared productivity tools;
  • establishing a strong market presence by promoting secure, beneficial, and efficient smart working practices;
  • recognizing the competitive edge gained through the integration of artificial intelligence within business operations.

Do any of these challenges resonate with your current needs? Perhaps you’re on the brink of embarking on a new venture? Dive into the troves of Hermes’ success stories and schedule a no-obligation meeting: we will assess your specific situation together.


Hermes proficiently handles all the leading back-end programming standards, including Java, Java Spring, Kotlin, Reactor, Rabbit, JPA, SQL, and Oracle. On the front-end, our expertise encompasses Javascript, Typescript, Angular, React, Bootstrap, and Foundation. Agile methodologies underpin our operations, guaranteeing design adaptability and punctual delivery.

Leverage powerful productivity and collaboration tools tailored to your specific requirements using a low-code or no-code approach. Digital platforms like Microsoft Power Platform, Tableau and UIPath present straightforward and cost-effective solutions for your workplace’s digital transformation.

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Dive into a consultancy program rooted in Agile and Lean methodologies. With Hermes certified consultants, you’ll master the management of a digital project’s entire lifecycle, ensuring timely delivery and minimal waste. Key takeaways include: establishing clear and shared operational procedures; streamlining roles and responsibilities; adapting agilely to evolving change requests; navigating uncertainties, unforeseen events, and client misunderstandings with ease.

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Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, Document Understanding: “intelligent” solutions for the automation of business process management, the data analysis, the security and the document processing. AI isn’t just the latest buzz on the web, it’s the technology that powers the future of your business.

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