Digital Workplace: services and consulting for the automation of corporate workspace

We offer advanced tools and tailored solutions with Microsoft Power Platform and UI Path to enhance productivity, foster collaboration, and work effectively from anywhere, ensuring maximum agility in information sharing.

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Transforming offices in the Digital Age

The workplace evolution transcends traditional physical office confines, heralding an era dominated by highly efficient, flexible digital environments. These modern workspaces necessitate sophisticated, user-friendly productivity tools, customizable through innovative low-code or no-code programming.

In the realm of Digital Workplaces, low-code and no-code solutions are pivotal, revolutionizing the development and management of corporate applications. Microsoft Power Platform and UI Path empower teams to focus on core tasks by minimizing the need for advanced technical expertise. This approach accelerates work processes and enhances data visualization and sharing.

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Over the past three years, we have successfully completed more than 100 projects, maximizing the potential of our chosen platforms. Our methodology ensures:

  • rapid delivery timelines;
  • flawless execution and zero defects, underpinned by our Agile working methodology;
  • client autonomy in the ongoing maintenance and modification of solutions;

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Tools and Resources

Microsoft Power Platform

A comprehensive suite enabling businesses to create tailored solutions. It includes PowerBI for data analysis, Power Automate for process automation and optimization, and Power Apps for new business application development.

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A leader in Robotic Process Automation, UIPath liberates the office from repetitive tasks through AI-driven processes, dramatically reducing operational costs and enabling employees to focus on high-value tasks.

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The Digital Workplace represents a modern, technology-based work environment: an integrated tech ecosystem revolutionizing work and communication. It allows for more flexible, collaborative working styles, integrating digital tools such as communication platforms, cloud solutions, and mobile apps. This approach enhances information accessibility and supports remote and hybrid working models, catering to individual needs and offering a personalized employee experience.

The Digital Workplace presents a multitude of benefits to organizations that embrace its implementation. This innovative approach significantly increases employee productivity and efficiency by providing seamless access to online tools and resources. It facilitates improved collaboration and data sharing, effectively bridging the gap between teams spread across different geographical locations. It champions work flexibility by empowering employees to work remotely or while mobile, adapting to their dynamic work requirements. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in bolstering employee well-being and engagement, thereby fostering a healthier work-life balance. The Digital Workplace acts as a catalyst for innovation within the organization, creating an environment that is both dynamic and adaptable to changing business needs.

The Digital Workplace is intrinsically linked to the Digital Employee Experience, focusing on employees’ interactions with workplace technologies. A well-designed digital workplace enriches this experience, making work more intuitive, accessible, and satisfying, while reducing stress. A positive Digital Employee Experience boosts engagement, satisfaction, and contributes to organizational success.

At Hermes, we craft the Digital Workplace using innovative, customized solutions crucial for automating and digitizing business processes. Leveraging cutting-edge platforms, we develop applications that heighten operational efficiency, streamline cost monitoring, and optimize corporate data management. Our use of low-code or no-code tools combined with a flexible, effective consulting approach allows us to meet our clients’ unique needs, delivering custom solutions that enhance autonomy and work quality, preparing businesses for the challenges of the digital market.