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Michael, Jen, Patricia, Leonard and a lot of other talents with wings are equipped with the precise expertise you need, exactly when you need it, to ensure your project’s success. Avail of our outsourcing consultancy, segmented into three distinct tiers: Wings, Two, and Fly. Depending on your immediate requirements, effortlessly switch between these levels to best align with your company’s objectives. Book a meeting: we will evaluate your specific case together, without any obligation.

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Enhancing business management for new project development and company growth

In today’s competitive landscape, effective management and analysis of financial data, meticulous activity planning, and top-tier customer care are imperative for a thriving commercial strategy. If your company finds itself lacking in these crucial skills, or if your teams require supplementary expertise for specific undertakings — be it short-term initiatives, tangential endeavors, or projects outside your core operations — Hermes’ outsourced management services stand ready to provide immediate, impactful and assured solutions.

How can we assist you?

For nearly 20 years, Hermes has been a steadfast ally to major international corporations across various sectors. In recent times, our outsourcing management services have been in high demand to address the following critical needs:

  • analysis and management of financial and commercial data;
  • training internal teams to harness the latest management technologies;
  • cutting-edge solutions for outsourced customer care;
  • dedicated help desks for product and service assistance;
  • comprehensive personal development programs.

Do these challenges echo your current needs? Perhaps you’re gearing up for a fresh venture? Explore Hermes’ rich tapestry of past successes and schedule a meeting to evaluate your specific case together.


Begin by focusing on your business’s present status using objective data (“as is”), paving the way to uncover areas for enhancement, growth and optimization (“to be”). Benefit from two decades of Hermes’ expertise, a legacy devoted to championing the digital transformation of major international corporations.

Leverage Hermes’ extensive experience to seamlessly manage collaborations among all involved project professionals. Hermes ensures optimal resource utilization and adherence to delivery timelines, just like an orchestra conductor ensures every musician plays in harmony.

Whether located at your corporate headquarters or fully remote, Hermes’ outsourced solution boasts native-speaking professionals adept at representing your product or service intricacies with unwavering confidence.

Hermes individual and group training programs employ practical techniques in emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and hypnosis for effective stress management, coupled with social skills training. After all, it’s within a serene and harmonious work environment that your company can truly cultivate its capabilities and, in turn, achieve its market objectives.

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By partnering with Hermes, your business can channel its internal resources towards pivotal strategic functions that drive growth, while entrusting with the essential yet secondary roles. For every function — be it administrative, management, marketing, or recruiting — Hermes offers:

  • preparation and periodic updates of documentation;
  • creation and consistent maintenance of operating manuals.

With the help of Hermes you can turn data into decisions. From data collection and storage to in-depth analysis and value extraction, Hermes utilizes state-of-the-art tools such as Excel VBA, Tableau, and Power BI to present and report critical insights. In the realm of decision-making, simply having information isn’t enough; interpreting it correctly is the key. This principle has always held true. However, as we stand on the cusp of Web 4.0, the sheer volume and complexity of available data demand the use of cutting-edge technologies and up-to-date expertise. These are essential for guiding informed decisions.

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