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Integration of a development team

Client’s Request 

The client needed to develop a custom software for their company processes and also take the opportunity to build an internal team dedicated to software development. However, the company team lacked some skills, particularly related to system architecture. The goal was not to hire someone to bring that skill to the team but to enhance the skills of the team members and establish an internal center of excellence for the company’s software development. 

Hermes’ Intervention and Involved Talents

After conducting a process analysis and technological assessment, Hermes proposed the TWO mode to the client: a development team that would work alongside the client’s team until the goal was achieved. Hermes’ responsibility was to guide, train, and support the company teams in managing the entire project using the Agile methodology. The teams, in turn, had to perform CI/CD and automation testing to ensure adherence to the expected timelines.

The talents involved were: 1 Solutions Architect, 1 Scrum Master, and 5 members of the Development Team

Offered Solution

Working in synergy with the existing team in the company, the requested custom software was developed using cutting-edge technologies (Progressive Web App), high availability, with data redundancy and replication in cloud, and certified compliance with SOX standards. At the same time, the skills of the internal team were enhanced, making them gradually self-reliant both in terms of missing skills and in terms of the working method. 


Thanks to Hermes’ intervention, the following results were achieved:

  • Adoption of the Agile methodology by the client as a working method, both in terms of training and practical application in project development.
  • Rapid ramp-up of the company teams (2 months).

Zero defects in the products released.

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