Business process analysis, Software development

Microsoft Power Platform to digitise and automate business processes

Client’s Request

The client needed to automate the evaluation process of their suppliers, which was currently being managed manually through Excel files and email exchanges.

They had tried to find standard solutions on the market, but none of them perfectly matched their real needs. Additionally, they did not possess the necessary skills to develop the project internally or to structure the request in a way that an external supplier could create a customized product. Finally, they did not intend to hire external expertise because they needed a quick and temporary solution (the resource would no longer be necessary once the problem was resolved). 

Hermes’ Intervention and Involved Talents

After conducting a process analysis and technological assessment, Hermes proposed the FLY mode because the client also lacked analytical skills. They needed a complete and flexible digital consultancy that would enter the company’s internal processes for the necessary time but would be able to take full control of the project.

The assessment identified the need to involve a business analyst and an Microsoft Power Platform developer, talents that were coordinated by a product owner following the Agile methodology. 

Offered Solution

Programming and implementation of Microsoft Power Platform (Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI), followed by a training process to make the client self-sufficient in both usage and application evolution. A low-code application was chosen because, by its nature, it is suitable for developing solutions in a shorter time compared to code development and is characterized by great ease of use that allows for rapid learning. 


Thanks to the intervention of Hermes, the following results were achieved:

  1. Speed in the implementation of the application (6 weeks from the start of the project to delivery)
  2. No personnel selection costs
  3. Autonomy in the evolutionary maintenance of the application, ensured by providing comprehensive technical and functional training materials.
  4. 50% reduction in the time required for receiving and processing information (decreasing from 4 weeks to just 2).
  5. Optimization of data quality, both for data entered manually and calculated automatically.
  6. Data analysis and control through our work dashboards.

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