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Your project’s success hinges on having the right expertise available at the right time. Where others merely see individuals, Hermes recognizes talents, gives them wings with innovative training programs and development processes, and puts their expertise at your disposal. Just what you need, right when you need it, in your own way.

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Outsourced digital services

In every industrial sector, digitalization of production processes is now crucial for market access. Hermes assists your business in the following expertise areas: software development, digital workplaces, business agility, AI, and data science.

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Outsourced management services

Managing and analyzing financial data, activity planning, customer service, are essential elements for the success of any commercial strategy today. Hermes supports your business in these areas of expertise: business process analysis, project management, help desk, empowerment programs, business process outsourcing, business intelligence.

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Success stories

No company is an island, your needs are similar to those of many other managers and entrepreneurs. Among Hermes’ past experiences, you’re sure to find inspiration for your upcoming project’s success.

Messages from Hermes

A blog that talks about skills, methodologies and success stories of outsourcing consultancy. For talents seeking employment and companies looking for talents.

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