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Help desk to support construction sites

Client’s Request

The client needed IT support services for the laptops used by Field Service Engineers (FSE) working on construction sites. The request included the provision of ready-to-use laptops, configured with PLC and satellite connection, and prepared to ensure maximum agility and autonomy for the users. 

Hermes’ Intervention and Involved Talents

As this required a customized configuration, it was necessary to thoroughly understand how the tools provided would be used in order to customize them accordingly. This also involved creating a direct support system for setup and assistance, which a standard help desk would not have been able to guarantee. Hermes’ intervention focused on some key points:

  • Initial configuration of the machine/laptop fleet (approximately 800 machines in 3 years)
  • IT support for possible installation issues of the specific software for PLC panels
  • IT support (including firmware updates) and training on the use of satellite devices (laptops and phones).

Because the client needed a comprehensive and flexible service, which required a precise analysis of work processes and a tailor-made solution, Hermes provided consulting services in FLY mode, allowing them to enter the company’s mechanisms for the time needed to fully control the project. 

Offered Solution

After creating a database of the machine used by the FSEs, our talents configured the machines and created a direct and traceable support system to avoid the old method of telephone calls and/or emails for any issues.

Before providing the devices, it was essential to hold short training courses to improve their use and reduce future issues. The goal was to explain to the technicians the characteristics of the satellite equipment and the use of laptops within a company network. 


  • The client is now able to predict workload peaks and manage them more effectively.
  • It was possible to gain a more precise understanding of how support is used and what the most recurring problems are.

Quick guides and training courses on the use of the provided equipment have reduced the number of accidental problems and breakdowns, making construction site work more efficient.


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