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A smart app to quickly manage emergencies

Client’s Request

The client needed to quickly and efficiently manage employees’ attendance in case of emergencies (e.g., fire) or during frequent exercises in the company’s buildings, which were also located far from each other. They wanted to avoid manually counting employees and recording attendance on paper registers. 

Hermes’ Intervention and Involved Talents

The solution to the problem was not available on the market because it required a precise analysis of the client’s work processes. The client opted for an internally designed solution to precisely meet their needs.

Hermes proved to be the right partner for solving the problem by being able to work with their talents alongside the client’s existing workforce.

After conducting a process analysis and technological assessment to identify the solution that best met the client’s needs, Hermes proposed the FLY mode. A complete and flexible consultancy was required, capable of entering the company’s processes for the necessary time and assuming full control of the project.

The talents involved were 1 Solution Architect, 1 Back-end developer, and 1 Front-end developer, who worked following the Agile methodology. 

Offered Solution

To provide the client with a complete and functional solution, Hermes’ team developed a customized Emergency App that was also mobile-responsive. At the same time, we trained the company employees in using the application to make them autonomous and self-reliant. 


Thanks to Hermes’ intervention, the following results were achieved:

  • Digital tracking of all individuals present in the company’s premises.
  • Increased security systems in the company’s facilities.
  • Improved speed in reaching meeting points for all individuals in the company’s premises (within 5 minutes of activating the alarm).

Reduced probability of errors in recording employees attendance.

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