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Choosing the right digital talents for your IT project

Ensuring the capability of IT resources for your digital initiatives is crucial. Let’s navigate the complexities to avert the unexpected. 

Initiating a digital project without in-house expertise means facing the necessity of integrating external IT resources—a task that’s as critical as it is complex. The development stage is fraught with risks and making the wrong choices could lead to a time-consuming and resource-intensive quagmire.

Identifying the requisite specific skills, particularly by non-technical personnel, can be daunting. It’s equally important to gauge the actual competencies of potential team members to ensure they align with the project’s multifaceted demands. 

Success in IT projects transcends technical know-how, encompassing the right project approach, relational skills, and seamless resource integration into the corporate culture.

The pitfalls of temporary staffing agencies

Temporary staffing agencies are not an ideal solution when it comes to hiring professionals like developers. Companies fortunate enough to already know professionals often try to select them from their network of freelance contacts. This approach carries significant risks without any guarantee of success, as it requires direct interaction with individual freelancers, which has its limitations. Integrating a single freelancer or a group of freelancers who do not usually work together can demand a considerable effort and time. Often, compromises have to be made, resulting in not achieving the desired outcome exactly. 

Many companies opt for a seemingly convenient solution like temporary staffing agencies to simplify the hiring process. However, this solution also has significant drawbacks. On one hand, it might seem helpful to delegate the search for talent to these agencies, but on the other hand, there’s a risk of failure, especially if the agency does not specialize in the IT sector.

It would be fortunate to find within the agency a specialized Project Manager who can deeply understand the needs of our company to provide the support and answers we need, but this is almost utopian. The lack of specialization in the IT sector is a significant problem for agencies that deal with general recruiting without any specialization, as they struggle to manage specialized professionals who often work as individual freelancers.

This means that while the agency might help us find a single technical resource, if we need more structured support, we risk encountering a group of professionals who do not actually function as a team. They may be skilled professionals, but they will be limited by acting as “individual players”, lacking leadership and a method to interact effectively among themselves and with our company.

What is then the best solution for a project that requires IT consultants and developers?

The best solution for a project that requires IT consultants and developers is to approach a company that specializes in selecting, training, coordinating, and managing digital talents. Hermes is an excellent example of such a company: our added value lies in our ability to understand the client’s needs and their project to provide the most suitable solutions.

Hermes’ team brings a combination of technical expertise and practical know-how, providing not only highly trained and specialized talents but also the essential support needed to ensure that our consultants blend seamlessly into client companies, effectively driving projects to completion. Our flexible working model, underscored by the cultivation of our talents’ soft skills—like empathy, which we hold in high regard—enables us to consistently deliver the sought-after outcomes efficiently and expeditiously.

The one potential challenge we face is that, upon a project’s completion, our clients might be reluctant to part with our talents, such is the rarity of finding individuals with such a blend of high technical acumen and interpersonal skills. Much of this success can be attributed to our collaborative and team-centric work philosophy.

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