Exploring Hermes “anti-office”: inside the Hermes Team headquarters

“Anti-office” is the endearing term we used to describe the headquarters of Hermes. It’s a space crafted to be warm, comfortable, and practical—as all contemporary offices ought to be. The key to our team’s success is the ability to embrace the flexibility of smart working while maintaining productivity, thus appreciating the moments we share together.

In our latest articles, we’ve examined how to make the most out of smart working. Today marks the shift from theory to action, showcasing the actual goings-on within Hermes.

Our organization has wholeheartedly adopted the principles of Agile work culture, and we take pride in leading by example in how we structure our internal operations day-to-day. At the core of Hermes is HUB55, endearingly termed our “anti-office”, for it is more of a hub for community and collaboration than a traditional office space. 

To many, the word “office” may evoke images of dreary commutes at the crack of dawn or traffic jams and parking hunts—scenes far removed from an inspiring workplace. The thought of enduring this routine for decades is seldom aligned with anyone’s career aspirations. 

While there are those who find solace in their routine and comfort zone, they are decidedly a minority. Recognizing the potential burden of obligatory office presence, we’ve adopted a fond nickname for our HUB55 in the spirit of our Agile ethos. 

Our unwavering flexibility enables our team to work optimally, anytime, anywhere, free from the confines of traditional expectations and constraints.

At Hermes, there is no mandate for physical presence, so visits to the office are sporadic, usually for pivotal meetings with clients or suppliers. Sealing a deal or addressing critical matters often benefits from the warmth of a handshake and direct eye contact, though these instances are the exception to our digital norm. Such face-to-face interactions between colleagues are inherently vibrant, and the joy of reconnecting in person after extended virtual engagements often translates into a productivity boost. 

In-person meetings are planned with considerable lead time, ensuring that all participants can prepare adequately. With tightly scheduled agendas, we harness time effectively, often consolidating various project discussions into a single, productive day.

In truth, our HUB55 is a cozy little gem designed to offer the utmost comfort to visitors. Despite the boon of flexibility, office work has its own merits. Some team members, by choice, opt to work from the office full-time, finding it better suits their focus and drive than their home environment.

The key is personal freedom to utilize this flexibility, provided that tasks are accomplished efficiently and punctually.

Typically, the leadership team convenes weekly in the anti-office conference room to review progress, and we sometimes find ourselves missing the direct human interaction. The lack of obligation to be in the office reshapes our perception of the traditional workday. 

Hermes champions technological innovation and, to truly excel, we proudly pioneer a work model prioritizing flexibility and outcomes over rigid protocols. Office veterans are familiar with the end-of-day rush to punch out, often with a five minutes delay to fly under the radar. 

Yet, our intention is not adherence to clock-watching but rather to foster talents driven by purpose, free from stress, and aligned with our collective goals. We run our teams not by micromanagement but by steering projects toward achieving our regularly set milestones and goals. 

Hermes’ anti-office is the tangible incarnation of our ethos, embracing dialogue, empathy, adaptability, collaborative spirit, and the agility to accomplish tasks effectively and efficiently. 

Should you be in Florence and wish to see our HUB55 first hand, swing by Via Panciatichi 55. It’s wise to schedule ahead, as on any given day, you may find us fully engaged in smart working with no formal meetings set. Our message, as forerunners of tech innovation, is to champion a business philosophy that prizes flexibility and results, aiming to nurture our partnerships sustainably and wholesomely.


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